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Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson Biography



Michael Johnson was born and raised in Southern California but eventually moved to New York City in search of inspiration. While standing in the subway he had a vision that would take him down an entirely new path that started with a move back to Los Angeles to test the capabilities of his unique styles. After accidentally figuring out how to create perfectly reflective metal mirrors through different types of plating he then started experimenting with large castings (weighing in between 3 and 111 pounds) in bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, silver, and Gold. He as worked with other major artist to help them venture into down a new path of 3 dimensional art and show them new possibilities with colored metal finishes and ceramic finishes. Being very versatile, Michael uses many mediums including paint on canvas, metal, and wood, metal and ceramic coatings on metal and plastics/resins, to making large scale 3 dimensional castings and other 3 dimensional art. He has made everything from art to jewelry and accessories to automotive/motorcycle parts, guns, and even sex toys and continues to be as innovative as possible when it comes to everything he produces.