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Bruce Evans

Bruce Evans Biography

Bruce Evans enjoys a successful full-time arts career with works included in numerous private and corporate collections. His paintings have been exhibited in museums and galleries nationally and internationally.
For the past 35+ years, using a brush, airbrush, and artistic sensibilities rooted in Photorealism and Surrealism, Evans has been painting detailed landscapes, cityscapes, animals and still-life arrangements that engage and stimulate the viewer’s imagination.

“On some level, I am always painting. A walk in the woods, a round of golf (could explain why I’m not better), a conversation with a friend, or just staring out of the window, the door is always open for an idea that inspires the next work. Once an idea takes shape, the painting is executed with hyper-focused attention to lighting and detail, with every hair in place, every curve, and every glint of shadow exactly as nature demands. I know the work is going well if, during the process, I lose all sense of time and self. Painting is just one of many ways to communicate ideas. Some people express their imaginative thoughts through writing, I paint.” – B.E.