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Jason Poteet

Jason Poteet Biography



Through his vibrantly colored abstract paintings, Poteet strives to create translations of people, places and his personal experiences.  “My approach to painting comes more from a certain feeling I get about place, etc., than from any other aspect of my subject.  When I develop an emotional connection with a subject, I will try and mentally digest this feeling into a visual expression, rather than just making a figurative impression of it. All of my paintings are visual translations of places I have visited, people I’ve met, or experiences I’ve had.  I try to express these experiences into something universal that everyone can understand through their own life impressions.   


While pursuing a degree in the sciences at Indiana University, Poteet realized he needed to change his personal direction.  Upon graduation in 1996, he decided to attend Herron Art School in Indianapolis, Indiana.  It was there that he developed my passion for painting, and the arts in general.  He has been painting mostly full time ever since, and loves and learns from it everyday.