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Przemyslaw Lasak

Przemyslaw Lasak Biography



He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw under the supervision of Krystyna Cybińska in 1986. He received a prize from the president of the Academy and a prize from the Minister of Culture and Art. Having graduated, he was employed at his academy, since 2002 as a full professor. Techniques used by Przemysław Lasak are ceramics and sculpture as well as oil painting. The artist is the author of ceramic cycles consisting of full-sized sculptures representing human figures.

Przemysław Lasak won a gold medal at the 47th International Artistic Ceramics Competition in Faenza in 1991. He also participated in international ceramic plein-airs Different China in Wałbrzych, as well as painting plein-airs in Kamion, Szczyrk and Mikołów. The artist created ceramic cycles: Sztandary / Flags(1986-1996), Najemnicy / Hirelings (1996-1998), Ona / She (1998-1999), Nadzieja / Hope (2000-2004), which were presented at exhibitions all over Poland, as well as in Belgium (Mons), Denmark (Hobro), France (Reims), Holland (Havelte), and Germany (Dresden, Frankfurt am Main, Herford, Munich and Wiesbaden).