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Taft McWhorter

Taft McWhorter Biography


Taft McWhorter


I have had the desire to shape and expand myself and the world around me since I was a child; always searching; continuously creating. From building with legos, to forming bands in high school, to founding new businesses in my adult years, my path has always included the pursuit of experiential growth.

Just arriving in the art business roughly 9 years ago, I have pursued being a professional artist with abandon, studying with fellow artists and constantly exhibiting my work. With over 100 solo, joint and group exhibits under my belt and over 400 local and national collectors, my sights are set on evolving my career on a national and international basis.

My artwork is an also extension of this yearning for growth. The eclectic variety in my numerous styles is the product of allowing mistakes to be a part of the art making process. I embrace the dichotomy of vision versus freedom; control versus chaos. In the spirit of freedom and chaos, I employ a plethora of textures, colors and mediums while trying not to limit myself to any single style or form.

My artwork is simply an extension of who I am. My abstract paintings represent whatever it is I am feeling at the time. One layer at a time, I allow each painting to simply “become”. This process is comparable to the “mad scientist” mentality of knowing the rules and at the same time breaking them in order to find the formula hidden deep within.

My styles include abstract, figurative and landscapes and my mediums include oil, acrylics, epoxy resin, latex and watercolor. Through a combination of variety, depth and the pursuit of experiential growth, each piece of art becomes unique in technique, style and emotion.

Photograph courtesy of Morris Malakoff.


Taft McWhorter has been selling his contemporary art in Houston for over nine years, amassing a dedicated group of over 400 local and international collectors. His work is displayed in many private and public collections, including fine restaurants and corporate settings. McWhorter has a private studio at Winter Street Studios located in the Washington Arts District of Houston and is represented by Ariodante Gallery in New Orleans and Esperson Gallery in Houston.

Selected Exhibitions

2015   Winter Street Gallery, “12-Thirteen”, Group Exhibit curated by Chris Silkwood

2015   Texas Capitol, Austin, TX, “I See You”, running concurrently with the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature

2015   Winter Street Gallery, “The Uprising” Group Exhibit

2014   Selected as one of the Top Ten Painters in Houston by the Houston Press

2014   Ariodante Gallery, New Orleans, LA, Joint Exhibit with Geoff Wilder

2014   Esperson Gallery, Houston, TX, Solo Exhibit

2013   Adickes Museum, Huntsville, TX, Joint Exhibit with David Adickes

2013   Summer Street Gallery, Houston, TX