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Zac Knudson

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My work is a by product of my rebellious yet sensitive personality. It is born out of the need to break through the limits imposed on us by external forces; in both abstract and physical form.
Working with glass poses a very real challenge while yielding an immediate reward when tamed. Combining different glass working and glazing techniques I can work beyond the constraints of this unforgiving medium and bring forward its best qualities. With each piece I make, I get closer to the medium and attempt to bring the audience closer to It. Glass can be seen as fragile and vain, yet in my work it represents strength of character and the natural world. Its fragility is only a reflection of our own. My work attempts to remind us of our true place in the natural world. The only way I know how; by looking to the future.


Zac Knudson is a seasoned glass artist from South Florida. In 2005, Zac founded The Glass Artist, a glass design and fabrication house. Since then, he has been working closely with some of the best decorative glass and design firms in South Florida. For more than 10 years he has been creating unique works of art for private collectors, celebrities and publicly funded projects across the country.

Zac has been experimenting with glass since a young age and is tirelessly pushing its boundaries. He continuously takes the art of glass sculpture to the next level with his use of lights, layering and his expertise in etching and carving. There is a recurrent theme in his work guided by a passion for nature and elevation of consciousness. His work reaches into a deeper dimension of thought while maintaining a grounded foot on the realities of today’s world. Themes like Learning from the past, bees awareness, death and the elevation of Thought are often seen in his work.


Public Art Sculpture, Tamarac Veterans Tribute Wall, Tamarac, FL Public Art Sculpture, Coral Springs Art Walk , Coral Springs, FL Installation, Clive Daniels Design Firm, Fort Myers FL
Sculpture, Tundra Restaurant, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Public Art Sculpture, Marathon Key Fire Rescue Memorial, Marathon Key, FL Public Art Sculpture, Boca Raton Public Library, Boca Raton, FL
VIP Lounge Design, Haimov Jewelers, Miami, FL
Glass Mermaids, Retail Store, Houston, TX

Etched Sculpture, Bertram/ Faretti Yatchs, Miami, FL
Glass Awards, Winners Circle Charities, Sponsored by Mike Schmidt, Delray Beach, FL

Sculpture, Ringo Starr
Etched piece, Mike Miller, Miami Heat player


Featured in HGTV , Color Splash Miami with David Bromstad WLRN, Art Street Series, “Glass Act” Documentary Sunsentinel Newspaper
Life Publications

WEMERGE Magazine Design Bureau Magazine Florida Design Magazine Gulfcoast Living Magazine Churn Magazine

Lifestyle Magazine Under the Sun Magazine


2016 Public Art Lecture, Coral Springs Museum of Art
2015 CMYK Gallery, Group Show for Art Basel 2015, Midtown Miami, Florida 2012 Work Featured in WEAM, World Erotic Art Museum, Miami FL

Co-Founder & Artist of Grey Area Gallery, Wynwood Art District, Miami, FL
2008 Recipient of the People’s Choice Award at Mixed Media show for the Broward Art Guild