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Jeff Robb

Jeff Robb Biography


Born in 1965 in Derbyshire, UK.
Since graduating with Distinction from the Royal College of Art in 1992 with a Masters degree in
Fine Art Holography, Robb has continually made art, ceaselessly experimenting with
three-dimensional imaging. Shortly after graduating, he was invited to submit a landscape work
to the V&A museum’s permanent collection, the first ever hologram artwork to be accessioned
by the museum. Robb’s work now features in museums and private collections around the
world.Robb is currently best known for his lenticular photographic work focusing on the female
nude and abstract forms in space, which he makes in series. The artist has recently begun to
produce bronze sculptures working with the female nude, a subject familiar to him, using cutting
edge modelling technology combined with historic casting techniques. This radical development
is typical of Robb’s open experimental approach in making art, using any combination of tools
and technology available to him.

In parallel to developing lines of enquiry around the nude and abstraction in his lenticular work,
Robb is beginning to work on projects which investigate how we experience sound, and
large-scale kinetic installations for public spaces, museums and galleries. For many, these new
directions will at first seem uncharacteristic. Those who are familiar with Robb’s approach and
what drives him as an artist will understand the significance of each project for him in testing
possibilities with the lenticular medium, and creating new immersive experiences using
three-dimensional imaging and cutting edge technology. This kind of experimental lenticular
installation work is completely unchartered territory for artists.

Jeff Robb works in a variety of media including lenticular photography, painting, bronze and
silver cast sculpture, reflection and transmission holography, photography, film, laser light and
sound installations. The galleries here are representations of lenticular photography that use a
vertical lens array to present a stereo pair of images to the eyes. They are 3D pictures without
glasses. The screen images cannot convey the visual impact of the medium, so animations are
used to simulate their 3D nature. While only eight images have been chosen for each gallery,
there are many more images available in each series. Please visit or contact the gallery to see
the full body of work. Jeff Robb is shown in galleries and art fairs around the world.

Royal College of Art London UK
1991-1992: Master of Fine Art Holography with distinction
1992-1993: Darwin Scholar at the Royal College of Art with extra year of study
1984-1987: BSc Leeds University

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Her Royal Highness Princess Firyal of Jordan
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK
Getty Museum, Los Angeles
SAM Museum, Osaka, Japan.
Artificium Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic.
Washington Museum of the Third Dimension, USA

Art Market & Design Hampton, Evan Lurie Gallery. BridgeHampton, NY
Art Palm Beach, Evan Lurie Gallery. West Palm Beach, FL
Art San Francisco, Evan Lurie Gallery. San Francisco, CA
Art Boca Raton, Evan Lurie Gallery. Boca Raton, FL

‘Nightfall’, Pontone Gallery. London, UK
SCOPE Miami, Evan Lurie Gallery, Miami, FL
Art Aspen, Evan Lurie Gallery. Aspen, CO
New York Art and Antique Show, Evan Lurie Gallery, Manhattan, NY
Art Hamptons, Evan Lurie Gallery. Bridgehampton, NY
Art Palm Beach, Evan Lurie Gallery. West Palm Beach, FL
Art Boca Raton, Evan Lurie Gallery. Boca Raton, FL
SCOPE Miami, Evan Lurie Gallery. Miami, FL

Context Art Miami. Miami, FL
Art Taipei. Taipei City, Taiwan
Art Silicon Valley. San Francisco, San Mateo, CA
Art Southampton. Southhampton, New York
Art Market & Design, Evan Lurie Gallery. Bridgehampton, NY
345 Broome Street. New York
Art Busan, Busan, South Korea
Art 15, London, UK
‘Liminal States’,Shine Artists. London, UK
Art LA, Evan Lurie Gallery. Los Angeles, CA
Art Palm Springs, Evan Lurie Gallery. Palm Springs, FL
Art Central, Hong Kong, China
2 Rivington, Armory week, Manhattan, NY
SCOPE Miami, Evan Lurie Gallery. Miami, FL
Art Wynwood, Miami, FL
‘Preview | London’, London, UK
Art Palm Beach, Albemarle Gallery & Shine Artists. West Palm Beach, FL.
London Art Fair, Shine Artists. London, UK
‘Artist-IQ‘ Amsterdam – 500 Years of Art, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, Netherland

Context, Shine Artists. Miami, FL
Art Taipei, Shine Artists. Taipei City, Taiwan
Art Silicon Valley, San Mateo, CA
KIAF 2014, Seoul, South Korea
‘Three Acts’, Van Loon en Simons, Vught, Holland
‘Capturing the Invisible’, McLaren Beverly Hills with Mauger Modern Art

London Newcastle Project Space – Three Acts of Will installation

Mauger Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain
Thought Experiments, New York, USA
Witzenhausen Gallery, New York, USA
India Art Fair, New Delhi, India
Realism Amsterdam, Netherlands

KIAF 2011, Seoul, South Korea
SCOPE, Basel, Switzerland
Krause Gallery, New York, USA
SCOPE Manhattan, NY
Art In Asia, Jiang Art Gallery
Jiang Art Gallery, Hong Kong

Wood for Trees, Bo Lee Gallery – group show inc. P.Rego and Gavin Turk Bath
Art London, Royal Hospital Chelsea, London, UK
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, UK

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, UK
Castle Galleries, UK nationwide 2009, Naked Singularity

Unnatural Causes mural 2014
Chris Levine portrait of Kate Moss
Chris Levine portrait of Frankel the Great
Chris Levine portrait of Grace Jones
Chris Levine portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

Matt Hatter Chronicles – Multivision Director for 12 Episodes

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