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Ray Gross

Ray Gross Biography

Ray Gross is an artist, sculptor and designer based out of South Florida. His career began after a football injury led him to an education in Fine Art at Florida Atlantic University where he fell in love with the medium of clay. Most recently, his hand-built, hand painted hyper-realistic porcelain sculptures depicting objects of everyday Americana, including utilitarian art objects such as paint cans, tubes, brushes, pencils, and other artist tools have seized the attention of collectors, and have been installed in public and corporate spaces worldwide.

Ray was invited to the American Craft Museum in New York City for a one-man exhibition. There, his life-sized, hyper-realistic sculpture of a Harley Davidson was recognized by curators who exhibited the work in museums throughout the East Coast of the United States, including the Norton Museum, The Boca Museum of Art, the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art and Art in Public Place at the Palm Beach International Airport.

Often playing with scale as understatements and overstatements, Ray’s work involves completely handmade process from the beginning of construction to the final surface details of painting and glazing elements. Each work is unique and one of a kind.