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Susan Brewer

Susan Brewer Biography



“As a native of Indiana, I grew up in Monticello. As a child my father inspired me to pursue art. He was very accomplished in high school producing pencil and pen and ink work on paper. I often admired his portfolio containing subject matter as varied as still life, landscape, caricature studies.

After studying art education at Indiana State University I moved to Indianapolis. I began taking classes at the Indianapolis Art League and continues working there after the expansion as the Indianapolis Art Center. I studied figure drawing, oil painting and worked in ceramic sculpture for eight years. Dream images prompted me to develop abstract imagery on canvas and through drawing.

I moved into the Stutz Building 10 years ago with the intent to work in a large format with paintings. Robert B. Berkshire, Professor Emeritus at Herron School of Art & Design was a good friend and mentor to me. We spent time in the studio working on figure studies and he was always encouraging me to experiment with different processes of painting. I am currently working in monochromatic studies on paper as he often suggested to understand my gesture and the movement within the composition. I learned to appreciate that life experiences are a template for my work to inspire experimentation and push the edge to challenge myself as an artist.”

-Susan Brewer

Susan recently joined the Evan Lurie Gallery and here abstracts are very well received by the public.


“My work follows the impulse of the imagination. Inspired by dreams and meditation, these abstracts employ color, texture, and suggested forms to evoke images that explore the human condition- one’s relationship to the environment, to others and oneself. This interplay of symbolism, archetypes and mythology creates and expression both personal and universal.”

-Susan Brewer