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Walter Knabe

Walter Knabe Biography

“I hope my work – with its mythology – will lead others to discover or more deeply connect with their mythology,” says Knabe.

A designer since the age of 14, Walter Knabe obtained his Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin. Walter opened his first studio nearly 35 years ago as a painter in New York City. As fate would have it, he had a chance to cover the walls of a prominent Manhattan apartment with his heavily patterned paintings, setting into motion a life long career. His paintings quickly morphed into full-scale wall coverings, which have been in demand by many high profile clients and interior design houses. Also, his studio has produced fabrics and other home décor products developed from Walter’s screen-printing expertise; as well as hand made and licensed designs for bedding, stationery, and national event artwork.
Walter’s signature style is inspired by a sense of antiquity and the ever-evolving presence of everyday life. He approaches his work from the philosophy of timeless design, creating an expressive sacred space that is relevant for future generations. With a collision of colors and elements, he blends new and old in a bold, layered, narrative combination. Walter takes a soulful approach as he creates mythology within his artwork which inspires others.
For over 35 years, Walter Knabe has been a trusted resource for high profile collectors and interior designers around the globe who covet Walter’s work. His studio houses showroom for his wall coverings and fabrics, as well as Walter’s painting studio; allowing for a certain blending of fine and functional art.

His artwork can be found in the homes and offices of film, sports, and music legends. Walter has been the official artist for several high profile events, including the Indianapolis 500. Permanent installations can be found in numerous businesses all over the world.